5th Gallery | SHOWROOM


Type | Commercial Showroom

Year | 2019.03
Location | Xiamen
Proportion | 336㎡

FW·GID created a multi-faceted House  for 5th Gallery to provide guests with enjoyment, experience and interaction, "Crystal Cluster"  took the craftsman over 2,600 hours  to creat 。With 17 procedures done, it showed its charm.The concept of the “Museum of STONE” is also a new attempt. The museum shows that the meteorites 、paleontology and dinosaur imprints .Which tell the  ancient times story of stone in a scientific and interesting language.We are glad to be part of YING LIANG GROUP at 2019 INTERNATIONAL STONE FAIR. We invite design lovers to join us on the journey of stone culture exploration. 

2019年3月6日,世界石材展一经开幕,FW·GID国际设计为英良集团旗下高端石材品牌5th Gallery(五号仓库)打造“一石一世界”主展厅,先锋时尚的展厅设计、匠心独运的石材展品,使其成为万众瞩目的网红打卡点。匠心杰作“晶薈”首度亮相,倾心打造的天然石晶柱群“晶薈”由专业石匠耗时2600余小时,历经17道工序,纯手工打磨而成,只为绽放这片刻的华丽。“石之博物馆长廊”的概念是一次全新的尝试。其中所陈列的45.67-35亿年的宇宙陨石、5.8-1.25亿年的古生物群以及6500万年的恐龙印记等展品,以科学、有趣的语言为众人讲述着石材46亿年的时空故事。很高兴能够与英良集团共同完成这个有趣的过程,愿大家在这个空间中感受到时光与文化的美妙。