FW.GID has been established for 10 years from 2009. It is an international creative design group integrating creativity, business model construction, architecture, landscape, interior and products design. The members of GID are distributed all over the world.
FW.GID has branches in Singapore, France, Italy, (China) Hong Kong and China. Among the branches We make Shanghai as the core branch in China, and has established branch design institutions in Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenyang, Chongqing, Wuxi and Zhangzhou.
We aim to design for life. Diversified creativity & design is applied to different fields and spaces.
The different team could touch different level of the aspects of design, which presenting the diversified design system. Focusing on “promoting the social value of brands and high standard of business services”, each project taken over by FW·GID presents “commercial value, user experience value and spatial aesthetic value”.
We have served different international brands and high-quality customers for many years, presenting the service value of FW·GID with creative ideas and top-level design concepts. We complete the landing work with teams in different regions which is also our strength. We push and deepen the landing work according to the strength of each team.
Architectural and landscape design content includes:Boutique buildings, private residential buildings, hotel buildings, boutique landscape design.
Space design include: hotels, public building space, office space, real estate, private villas and clubs, restaurants, show room and business model innovations.
So far, we have won numerous awards internationally, such as Red Dot Award、Adesign、 IF, IFI, APIDA, iC@ward and so on.

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FW.GID 强调设计生活化,以多元化创意延续于不同领域空间设计。不同国度设计师团队设计能及,呈现多元化设计体系。以“推广品牌社会价值和商业服务价值高度”为核心,每个项目呈出「商业价值、用户体验价值及空间美学价值」。公司多年来服务于不同国际品牌企业和高品质客户群体,用创意和顶层设计理念来呈现GID设计机构的服务价值。

我们通过跨区团队作战服务体系来完整的落地项目。以区域不同的设计团队格局优势来相互专案深化落地工作。 建筑、景观设计团队设计范围包括:精品建筑、私人住宅建筑、酒店建筑、精品景观设计。空间设计范围类型包含:酒店、公共建筑空间、企业办公空间、地产、私人别墅住宅和会所、餐饮、品牌空间及商业模式创新等。公司成立以来,曾多次在国际上获得大奖,如德国红点Red Dot、意大利A‘design、IF、IFI、APIDA、iC@ward等。